Music Business Talk Recap – August 23, 2016

Seth Godin - Build Your Own Tribe Building a tribe is about bringing a group of like-minded people together with a mission of building a supportive community in an industry or field. At least that’s my definition about building a tribe. Last night we hosted our seventh edition of our weekly Tuesday night Music Business talks on twitter. We have assembled a really great group of people of artists, marketers, attorneys, and students of the world of entertainment. Starting this week, I’d like to share some thoughts, three weekly takeaways with the rest of the world, and great resources/articles that were shared. I’d like to invite you to our weekly Music Business talks on twitter. All you have to do is use the hashtag #MBTalk so we can find you. This is an open forum to share thoughts, opinions, ideas, ask questions, share articles and resources, and most importantly creating a community. These talks take place every Tuesday night at 6PM EST. We hope you join us in building a tribe of future leaders in the music industry. – Chris Goyzueta, Founder of ONElive Music.

3 Key Takeaways

Conducting Your First Consultation: One of our students, @tracylusby, asked about wanting to learn how to conduct a consultation. Katherine Forbes, from Designing the Row and author of “Market Your Music Online” shared some very great insight with her. See the tweets below. Tracy mentioned her biggest fear is offending someone about his or her creative properties. My theory is, in life it’s hard to find true friends. With true friends, I’m talking about people who are comfortable being honest with you, and being open minded to hear their thoughts. I’d rather pay someone for a consultation that’s going to be honest with me than someone that will sugar coat things. The ideal client is someone that wants to get better, and the ideal consultant is someone that’ll be a coach and guide you through the path of progress. Should All People use Social Media In school, a lot of students are being told that use social media and be aware of what we’re putting out there in the world. @sara_saolomon asked if all people in the music business should have some form of social media. If it were up to me, I would live in the mountains with no internet or cell phones with the love of my life, grow plants, laugh, cook homemade meals, play in the sun or rain, have face to face conversations / discussions, and spend as much time with family as possible. I really enjoy unplugging from social media, and it’s important. There comes a point in our career where we have the luxury to unplug completely. In today’s world, it’s important to know how all the social networks and technology works, how to engage people with them, and how to use it effectively for marketing. It’s always a good thing to have more skills to bring to the table for a client or a job. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to spend you life on social media or even have a personal account. Those are my two cents. Would love to hear your thoughts.

20 Ways to Promote your Show

This is the first week we had a theme, and I asked the group to tell me how the would promote a show or an event. Here is a list of 20 things we came up with:

1. Targeted Emails – @designingtherow

2. Social Media Campaign – @tracylusby

3. Contests for free tickets – @tracylusby

4. Contests for photographer of the day – @tracylusby

5. Facebook Event page and send out mass invites – @unkldadi304

6. Utilizing Bandsintown – @unkldadi304

7. Create online flyers for shows – @unkldadi304

8. Build a virtual street team – @unkldadi304

9. Utilize hashtags – @tev2022

10. Unique content – @crystalhopew

11. Multi city marketing plan – @rex_juvenis

12. Repetition – @itslevie

13. Co-marketing efforts with a local business – @chrisgoyzueta

14. Send out press releases to local media – @chrisgoyzueta

15. Guest talk at a local college – @chrisgoyzueta

16. In store performances – @chrisgoyzueta

17. Guerilla marketing / flash mobs – @tracylusby

18. Busking – @chrisgoyzueta

19. Sticker bomb campaigns – @chrisgoyzueta

20. Stand at the street corner with a creative sign – @rex_juvenis

We hope you join us next Tuesday for our Music Business talk. Check out the hashtag #MBtalk on twitter, and see what we’ve talked about the last few weeks. Never lose focus on your dreams, and live a fulfilled life! – Chris Goyzueta

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