Monday Morning Thoughts: Be Patient

In my journey at Full Sail University, every month I get to see another group of students in our business school present their final projects in their bachelor’s degree career right before graduating. Each month we give the students some parting words of guidance or “wisdom.” At first it was always weird for me to give words of “wisdom,” because I’m still at the very early stages of my own career. It’ll only be ten years next year when I graduated with my bachelor’s degree. I found that the biggest thing the students are looking for as they venture off into the world trying to find their path is honesty and some encouragement that they didn’t just waste the last two years or so of their life.

  My words of guidance to these students, or anyone graduating are as follows: zero to two percent already have a career lined up upon graduating. The rest of them will have to follow a similar path that I’m on. It’s a path that will have very many extreme highs and lows. There will be moments of doubt and moments of wanting to give up. However, it’s those that are patient and those that are consistently working really hard that will find themselves in a fulfilling career. It’s important to enjoy the good moments and to learn from the lows along the way. Nine years in, I don’t think I’ve found my ideal path just yet, but I’m really fulfilled with where I’m at right now. I find myself thriving the most when I’m learning and trying new things. So I always encourage someone to try new things and to take risks. If we don’t constantly learn and take risks at trying new things, we fall behind.

  It was last weeks graduating class and this Gary Vaynerchuck video I’ll share here with you that inspired this post. Be patient, and recognize the good things that are around you right now. Some Monday morning thoughts… – Chris Goyzueta